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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Pioneer Woman Cooks cinnamon rolls!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, the night before Thanksgiving I made cinnamon rolls from scratch using the Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  (If you have yet to visit PW's blog you must!  My first attempt wasn't a complete failure, but I have to say I was less than satisfied with the end result.  If asked, though, my family would have said they were great...I do think I totally redeemed myself with the maple drizzle over the top.  DIVINE.

In my defense, though, it was my first experience with yeast.  Plenty of people have told me lately that they have never mastered yeast.  I, however, am DETERMINED to get it down.

The best cookbook.

Butter + sugar + cinnamon = pure deliciousness.

This was more challenging than Ree (the PW) made it seem.  My dough was still a little to dough-y.

I will just say this:  cinnamon rolls should not be smashed together  in to a pan as they are here.  What is this anyway?  A cinnamon roll casserole I guess.

The best part - maple glaze.

This is what I call "cinnamon rolls in egg dish form."

Better luck next time I guess!



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