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Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Annual Progressive Dinner Party

First, you must be wondering what the "progressive" in the title is all about.  Each year my family and close family friends get together before Christmas for a great feast.  The night starts out with appetizers and cocktails at the Blasiers house.  We then migrate to my parents house for the main course.  My aunt and uncle provide the Spanish coffee for dessert, and Trav and I provided the treats this year.  There you have the short version.

Moving on, though, you all know how much I love a great glass of red wine, so I had to add this in here.  Mark and my mom went to Costco before the party and found this.


Uncorking the thing was quite a spectacle.


I also have to show you all this because it is so fantastic.

This was once a bottle of chardonnay called Big Ass Chard (what a great name!) and is now a candle.  My aunt Julie's neighbor makes candles out of wine and beer bottles.  My mom picked this bottle out because of the cute label - it has a bike on it!

I am going to learn how to make these one day.



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