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Monday, October 18, 2010

Oven Fire!

I have had pizza crust sitting around for a few weeks now, and I thought, today is the day to make pizza.  So I through together a little olive oil, garlic, and cracked rainbow peppercorns; spread it over the crust and topped it with asiago, parmesan, and fresh grape tomatoes.  Into the oven it went. 

I hit the shower.

10 minutes later, wrapped in a towel, I go to check my pizza, mouth watering.  As I peek in to the oven, WHOOSH, a fire explodes.  I frantically close the oven, turning it off.  I open up the window as black smoke billows everywhere.  All the while thinking, oh my God what do I do do I have insurance to cover this do I call the fire department why aren't the smoke alarms going off if I call the fire department what will it cost me? AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Still in my towel I run to my room, throwing on whatever the heck I can that find that is appropriate to run across the parking lot of my complex, screaming for my landlord.  Thank God he was home.

Needless to say, the fire had gone out by the time both of us got back to my apartment.  Everything was fine, but good grief - GIVE ME A HEART ATTACK!

After the incident I felt a bit like a failure, but I think something dripped down and ignited...all it needs is a good cleanin'.

And I did end up eating the pizza.  It tasted a bit wood-fired, and was actually quite delicious.



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