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Saturday, February 19, 2011

A little home decor

I am going to switch gears from the kitchen and talk about another passion - home decor.  I have been in a decorating frenzy all week.

I even sunk as low as to go to my least favorite store in the entire world - Joann Fabrics - three days in a row.  But, it is done and was well worth it; my living room finally looks complete.

So, here are the new additions:

I bought a very substantial mirror at Target to put above the sofa.  On either side of the mirror I framed two pieces of fabric, which makes for very cheap and cute artwork.  I bought two frames at Target and glued the fabric to the mat of each frame.  Unfortunately there is a glare in the photo, so it is a bit hard to see!

I also needed a relatively substantial piece of artwork to fill the wall above our chair, so I did an oil pastel drawing of the back of a nude woman.  This was no easy task.  The drawing itself was not difficult, but the first time I hung it, the frame fell and broke (that frame was from Ikea - go figure).  So I threw the frame in the dumpster and bought a new one at Target.  The mat on my new frame, however, was too small for my drawing, so I thought, Okay; well I will just draw a new one.  Three attempts and every one of them was bad.  I had no other choice than to dumpster dive to find the mat from my broken frame.  Of course someone had to throw their trash out at the exact moment that I was fishing around in the dumpster, so I looked like a crazy person.  Whether or not all of my trouble was worth it, I am really not quite sure, but I am pleased with how the drawing looks in the room.

Last night I had my mom over to show her the new additions to my apartment.  Seeing as I was "entertaining," of course I had to run to my favorite store, the one and only Surdyk's.  I have to say the trip was well-deserved, after having spent so much time at Joann this week. Ugh!

I bought two bottles of wine to share, grapes, Gouda cheese, Greek olives, and my favorite Carr's whole wheat crackers - they taste like cookies!  It was a delightful spread - brainless for entertaining.

I guess that is all I've got!  More baking and entertaining this week - can't wait!




  1. Katie-The new additions to the apartment are lovely!

  2. I love the dumpster diving story!