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Monday, November 8, 2010

I have died and gone to pastry heaven

A road I frequent quite often is 46th Street in south Minneapolis.  Usually I am on my way to Lake Harriet or to Great Harvest in Linden Hills, but on this particular day I decided to stop at a bakery that I have been eyeing for quite some time now.  Patisserie 46 is located at 46th and Grand, and I may even venture to say that it is the most impressive bakery I have ever been to in the world, including any bakery I have been to in Europe. (And believe you me, I spent an unusual amount of time in bakeries during my 4 month stay in Barcelona).  Needless to say, it was that good, and you MUST go.

When I walked in, I could hardly contain my excitement over finding such a gem, before even ordering anything.  The atmosphere was just so fantastic!  People filled the outdoor patio, and inside was busier.  Customers sipped perfectly frothed lattes and hot cocoas.  A barista carried out a tray of lattes on the house in adorable in-house mugs.  Modern and vibrant artwork hung tastefully on the walls.  And the pastries.  There aren't any words.

I told the woman who rung me up how fantastic this place was, and she replied, "Thank you."  I proceeded to ask if she was the owner, and she said, "One of them."  Her husband is the chef, and her brother, who was the barista that day, is in the business as well.  I could hardly contain my excitement and had to walk away before I embarrassed myself;  it was like I was starstruck!  I wanted to pull her aside and ask, a) will you hire me?  b) how did you get started and how the heck have you made your bakery so successful, and c) will you be my new best friend?

I ordered an almond croissant and have never had anything quite like it.  The outer crust was crisp and flaky, but the inside was so soft.  I don't think I have savored every bite of something like I did with that croissant.  And the almond flavor did not overpower, as it oftentimes does.  YUM doesn't even begin to cut it.

In short, go to Patisserie 46, and when you do, invite me!



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