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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finally! A big party!

Saturday night was my sorority's formal at the W Hotel.  So naturally, I was inclined to have a pre-party.  Lately I have been living to entertain!  Actually, this party was a good way to justify spending a bunch of money on my apartment.  But, I can FINALLY say that it is done - decorated, cute, and very homey.

Of course I had to prepare a menu for my gathering, which consisted of my staples:

Red wine
Rosemary seasoned cashews
Gouda cheese and grapes

(Recipes for my [mom's] bruschetta and cashews are on the recipe page.)

Favorite quote of the night:  "Karly, your sister makes really good salsa!" - Phil

The crew. 

To my dismay, we look like a bunch of booze hounds.  You can only see liquour bottles on the table!  Despite how it looks, there is yummy food hiding behind all of the drinks!



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