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Monday, November 22, 2010

Chocolate chip coconut muffins - go big or go home

Here is my attitude toward muffins - and cupcakes for that matter:  why make standard when you can make jumbo?  Something about jumbo muffins makes them taste so much better.

My Friday morning ritual consists of the following:  waking up semi-early, biking to Bordertown coffee where I get a latte and a delicious homemade baked good, and being "productive" (usually blogging or catching up on my weekly shows - so not really all that productive).  I realized last night that I have spent WAY too much money this week and couldn't justify spending five more dollars on coffee and goodies.  But how can I go without coffee and a pastry on Friday morning?!  My solution?  Bake my own Bordertown-worthy jumbo muffins - chocolate chip coconut muffins with a hint of cinnamon.

My Friday morning ritual was just as good, if not better (and cheaper)!

My "hiatus" from coffee shops didn't last long though - unsurprisingly.  Karly and I stopped for a latte at Caribou before work on Saturday morning.  Can't get enough!



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