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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saturday night hodge podge

Saturday night I was on a kitchen binge.  Meaning, I was in the kitchen all night cooking and baking goodies.  I have this thing - I will go a week or two (or maybe three) without baking at all, then I will bake several goodies in the same day.  Prime example - Saturday night.

First I went to Surdyk's.  Every great night starts with a trip to Surdyk's.  I was debating what I would do that Saturday night.  Typically when I am being indecisive about my plans I end up forgoing any option and spending my time in the kitchen instead.  Maybe not typically, but often enough!

What a great night, though!  I made a light dinner of pineapple rice - shown here.

You can find the recipe at 101 Cookbooks.  Now, here is what I think of the recipe:  It combines a lot of great flavors, and I love basmati rice.  It is a great, light, nutritionally valuable meal.  Nothing too heavy, which is always good for lunch or dinner.  Would I recommend it?  Yes.  Definitely.  Next time I would add more red pepper flakes and more shallots and green onions.  Would I serve it while entertaining?  No.  It is not quite that good.

That night I also made pumpkin swirl brownies.  Sounds super fantastic, right?!  Wrong.  What a complete disappointment.  I will not even put the recipe on my blog.  At one point the recipe called for cayenne pepper, and I thought, Oh my goodness;  these are going to be so fantastic.  And seriously,  what two flavors are better than chocolate and pumpkin?!  Let me tell you, any flavor is better than the flavor in these brownies.  (I may be a bit harsh here - Sarah said that she liked them.)  Surprisingly, there was a serious lack of flavor.  The brownies were lacking some serious sweetness, and the spices tasted all wrong.  Anyway, that is enough about the brownies.

I redeemed myself by making a batch of delicious cinnamon iced oatmeal cookies.  Every time I think of iced cookies, I think of Bread & Chocolate on Grand.  There aren't any words.  My cookies were not quite up to par with B & C's, but they were still quite good.  Find the recipe here at Smitten Kitchen.

Mine don't look quite as pretty as those on Smitten Kitchen, but they tasted yummy!



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