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Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 days and a whole lot of desserts

A few weeks ago I was hired as the official "caterer / baker" for a recruitment event that my sorority held.  What started as a highly organized and well-planned assignment soon turned to total chaos.  Maybe not total chaos - nothing earth-shattering happened - but I was definitely in for a long and labor-intensive few days in the kitchen.

I can't pretend I didn't love it, though.  As I was driving to deliver the final product, I thought to myself, If only this could be my full-time job.  Perhaps one day.

Three days and all the space my parents have in their kitchen and dining room finally resulted in a variety of three adorable desserts: 200 chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies, 100 mini red velvet cupcakes, and 100 fruit pizzas.

Ooh mama - now that's a lotta work!  But it was worth it; from what I hear the desserts were a success!

Keep in mind, if you ever need desserts for a special occasion I'll give you a great deal!



P.S. Stay tuned - I'll have recipes posted soon!

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